Ear Training Made Easy is an easy guide to playing guitar by ear that helps new and advanced guitarists play songs and solos 10X faster.
Gain confidence and strum songs in any style.
Create expressive solos that really "sing" with the art of phrasing
Stop being "just a rhythm player" and unlock your soloing potential
Get real results with short, effective practices. So you can write songs, improvise solos, and more.
Play authentic blues progressions, and create your own blues songs and solos from scratch.
Discover secrets that make slide guitar less difficult and more fun... and play some awesome slide licks
Play with precision and sound clean, even if you've been playing for hours.
Uncover the secrets to this iconic playing style and use it to create amazing guitar solos.
Add these super-fast licks to your arsenal to give your solos that extra edge.
Find out how to "dial in" the right sound for your guitar, without spending a ton on gear
Dial in an awesome tone that cuts through the mix and makes you sound amazing.
Get the chords, scales, and theory to play any song, plus soloing tips to keep you playing... for life.
Play essential fingerpicking patterns comfortably, and create cool music from basic chords.
Create high-quality recordings at home, without expensive studio equipment.
Discover simple techniques and exercises that will help you play faster than you ever thought possible.
Discover how to add blazing arpeggio licks to your guitar solos and take your playing to the next level.
Master essential chords and theory, so you can hear how songs are put together and learn them fast.
Find chords across the fretboard and create solos from scratch, in any style of music
Make your barre chords sound crisp and clear... without straining your fingers.
Master 10 essential chords and start strumming your favorite songs.
Connect pentatonic and diatonic scales to find patterns and create killer solos across the fretboard
Discover how music theory is the key to really understanding songs, and start writing your own.
Common-sense lessons that make understanding scales a snap. So you can solo with confidence.

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