Awesome rock licks you can use to develop your technique and solo with confidence.
Play thousands of blues songs, create inspiring blues solos, and jam with confidence.
Unlock the secrets of blues progressions and solos, so you can play authentic blues guitar.
Play authentic blues progressions, and create your own blues songs and solos from scratch.
Learn techniques of legendary blues guitarists, so you can create authentic and original blues solos.
Smokin' hot licks in a variety of styles that you can use to create your own authentic blues solos.
Find out how open tunings are perfect for slide playing... and for the blues.
Discover secrets that make slide guitar less difficult and more fun... and play some awesome slide licks
Play authentic fingerpicked acoustic blues in the style of Gary Davis, Robert Johnson, and others
Steve Dahlberg is going to break down classic techniques, so you can play authentic Delta Blues.

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