Play by ear, write your own songs, and improvise solos on-the-fly.
Get the chords, scales, and theory to play any song, plus soloing tips to keep you playing... for life.
Connect pentatonic and diatonic scales to find patterns and create killer solos across the fretboard
Get real results with short, effective practices. So you can write songs, improvise solos, and more.
Discover simple techniques and exercises that will help you play faster than you ever thought possible.
Find out how to "dial in" the right sound for your guitar, without spending a ton on gear
Discover essential strumming techniques, so you can create rock-solid rhythm when you strum.
Add the unique styles of iconic 70's guitarists to your soloing arsenal.
Play authentic blues progressions, and create your own blues songs and solos from scratch.
Create musical guitar solos in any style and learn your favorite solos in half the time.
Gain the confidence to just pick up an acoustic guitar and play... with a pick, or with your fingers.
Master 10 essential chords and start strumming your favorite songs.
Discover the techniques that let you create awesome guitar riffs in any style
Discover what makes these solos so memorable... and create memorable solos of your own.
Steve Dahlberg is going to break down classic techniques, so you can play authentic Delta Blues.
Dial in an awesome tone that cuts through the mix and makes you sound amazing.
Write your own complete songs, and play any song by ear.
Create high-quality recordings at home, without expensive studio equipment.
An arsenal of awesome metal licks, so you can solo over any metal song.
Smokin' hot licks in a variety of styles that you can use to create your own authentic blues solos.
Find out how open tunings are perfect for slide playing... and for the blues.
3 smokin’ hot licks courses in 1 bundle, so you can play killer guitar solos in any style.
Discover secrets that make slide guitar less difficult and more fun... and play some awesome slide licks
Rob Ashe is going to help you burn through bluegrass licks and songs that once seemed impossible.
Gain the skills to take any solo and make it your own... and improvise with confidence.
Master your fretboard and solo over any song or chord progression with ease.
Play with precision and sound clean, even if you've been playing for hours.
Unlock the secrets of blues progressions and solos, so you can play authentic blues guitar.
Common-sense lessons that make understanding scales a snap. So you can solo with confidence.
Ear Training Made Easy is an easy guide to playing guitar by ear that helps new and advanced guitarists play songs and solos 10X faster.
Master crucial chords and rhythm techniques, so you can play new songs faster
Spice up your guitar solos with crucial soloing techniques, and create exciting solos from scratch.
Join Steve Stine for a deep-dive into writing (and recording) your own original metal songs.
A 50-Module All-In-One Course Covering Fundamentals, Chords, Theory, Blues And Soloing From The World’s Most Sought After Guitar Instructor, Steve Stine™
Join former Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover for this in-depth songwriting course.
Discover the chords and rhythm techniques that make funk guitar sound funky with Jon Rudolph.
Discover critical strumming patterns and play thousands of songs in comfort and style.
How to use color, contrast, and control to play “authentic” blues solos
Gain confidence and strum songs in any style.
Master essential chords and theory, so you can hear how songs are put together and learn them fast.
Play legendary licks and solos by artists like Jimi Hendrix, Edgar Winter Group, AC/DC and more.
Play essential major and minor chords, and use the CAGED system to find chords across the fretboard.
From strumming to soloing, this course has everything you need to play acoustic... right now.
Make your barre chords sound crisp and clear... without straining your fingers.
Discover how to add blazing arpeggio licks to your guitar solos and take your playing to the next level.
Learn to see your entire fretboard as one element and easily move across every scale position.
Guitar Solos Made Easy 2.0 is a 4 module course by the world’s most sought after guitar instructor, Steve Stine.
Uncover the secrets to this iconic playing style and use it to create amazing guitar solos.
Stop being "just a rhythm player" and unlock your soloing potential
Play Acoustic Now is a 10 module online course taught by the world’s most sought after guitar instructor, Steve Stine.
Add these super-fast licks to your arsenal to give your solos that extra edge.
Play exciting solos. Improvise killer licks. Never memorize a single scale.
Learn techniques of legendary guitarists, so you can create authentic and original guitar solos.
Find chords across the fretboard and create solos from scratch, in any style of music
Play essential fingerpicking patterns comfortably, and create cool music from basic chords.
Discover the scales, chords, and techniques you need to play jazz guitar like the legends.
Master all 7 modes, so you can create expressive guitar solos for any song or chord progression.
Awesome rock licks you can use to develop your technique and solo with confidence.
Play authentic fingerpicked acoustic blues in the style of Gary Davis, Robert Johnson, and others
Play legendary guitar solos and discover techniques that will skyrocket your guitar playing.
Learn techniques of legendary blues guitarists, so you can create authentic and original blues solos.
Discover how music theory is the key to really understanding songs, and start writing your own.
Create expressive solos that really "sing" with the art of phrasing
Play signature 80's licks in a variety of styles and skyrocket your guitar solos
A proven plan to help you create effective, musical solos step-by-step... and even improvise.
Red-hot licks from styles like blues, country, and rockabilly, so you can solo like a pro on your acoustic.

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