Get the chords, scales, and theory to play any song, plus soloing tips to keep you playing... for life.
A 50-Module All-In-One Course Covering Fundamentals, Chords, Theory, Blues And Soloing From The World’s Most Sought After Guitar Instructor, Steve Stine™
Master your fretboard and solo over any song or chord progression with ease.
Discover essential strumming techniques, so you can create rock-solid rhythm when you strum.
From strumming to soloing, this course has everything you need to play acoustic... right now.
Master crucial chords and rhythm techniques, so you can play new songs faster
Connect pentatonic and diatonic scales to find patterns and create killer solos across the fretboard
Get real results with short, effective practices. So you can write songs, improvise solos, and more.
Discover critical strumming patterns and play thousands of songs in comfort and style.
Master 10 essential chords and start strumming your favorite songs.
Red-hot licks from styles like blues, country, and rockabilly, so you can solo like a pro on your acoustic.
Unlock the secrets of blues progressions and solos, so you can play authentic blues guitar.

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